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FOR Teacher Hui Ting

Dear Teacher Hui Ting. Congrats to u! You deserve this for all your hard work. Keep going!


FOR Susila

Congratulations Susila . We are so proud of you!


Congratulations to all the winners!! Thank you for the great contribution!

Jiang Qi

FOR Creative O Preschoolers Bay

Kudos to the team of teachers at Creative O Preschoolers Bay, together with Ms Tan Beng Luan, for always having the courage to open your centre and share your practices with the ECCE community.

Low Siew Hong

FOR Noriyaton

You are a great mentor and inspiring leader Noriyaton.
Heartiest congratulation , you are Superb !


FOR Principal Pearlyn

Dear Principal Pearlyn, thank you for being a great leader in the school. We are always grateful for your leadership and the best group of teachers in 997 Buangkok Crescent. Amie and Ally are blessed to have you as their principal. We wish you all the best in your new school.

Adam Poh

FOR Mdm Lee

Mdm Lee has a wealth of knowledge in both curriculum and operations. As an effective bilingual leader, she has been a great contributor to our agape curriculum leadership. In difficult time, she has been proving her mettle with every stepping stone she overleaf with her leadership qualities. She is enthusiastic, inspiring and motivating leader to all that she serves

Connie Lim

FOR Ms Nori

Congratulatioms Ms Nori . We are proud of you!

Hamidah Ali

FOR Ms Su Lina

Congratulations to Ms Su Lina from PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bedok Reservoir Punggol Blk 470C for achieving ECDA OUTSTANDING EDUCARER AWARD 2021. You are OUTSTANDING because you always shower your unconditional love to the little ones. You observed how children response to play and planned a variety of activities encouraging them to be curious and explore in a safe environment. You are patient, considerate and provide prompt feedback and suggestions to parents about their child’s development.


Joyce Gui

Congrats to all 2021 ECDA awards recipients! Thank you for your good work to give our children the best start in life!


Congratulations to all award winners! Well Done!
May you Continue to scale new heights and provide every child with a Good Start!

Dr Tan Gim Hoon

Congratulations to all! You are all so inspiring!!

Congratulations to all winners and Kwek Soo Peng, Ebelle!!

FOR Kwek Soo Peng, Ebelle

Congratulations to all winners and Kwek Soo Peng, Ebelle!!

Angelia Low

FOR Ms Jiang Qi

Congratulations to all nominees and awardees!
Loud cheers and hugs to Ms Jiang Qi for winning the award, you have made E-Bridge proud!

Josephine Wong

FOR Ms Nori

Ms Nori, Congratulations on your well-deserved achievements!!!

Shirley Chong

Congratulations to all the award winners and also to all teachers in the early childhood field. Your dedication and passion for the children in your care is very very much appreciated!


FOR Hampton

congratulate Hampton

Wang Qi

FOR Kwek Soo Peng Ebelle

Congratulations to Kwek Soo Peng Ebelle …Wishing you success in your future endeavours! 🎉✨Thanks for always here for us.

Ruth Lim (KCKN135)


Lots of love from all your colleagues at S4K SBEC! Its been wonderful to watch you grow professionally and demonstrate such a passion for teaching the children in your care! Congratulations on this award…absolutely well deserved!

Christina Pardiwalla

FOR Emalynn and M.Y World @ Pasir Ris Team

Heartiest Congratulations to Emalynn and M.Y World @ Pasir Ris Team!!! Awesome work and it is time to celebrate your success!!!

Jean Ong

FOR M.Y World @ Ang Mo Kio and M.Y World @ Pasir Ris

Congratulations, M.Y World @ Ang Mo Kio and M.Y World @ Pasir Ris!


FOR B2T Team

Congratulations to our B2T Team!



Congratulations to our principal from BKC🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏
You are the best!!!💪💪💪

Neo Ah Choo

FOR PCF Sparkletots Bukit Batok East Block 208

Congrats to PCF Sparkletots Bukit Batok East Block 208 and to all the wonderful, creative and amazing Educational Rockstars who inspire all the children to be the best versions of themselves! ❤❤❤

Johayne Palubio

FOR Creative O Preschoolers’ Bay

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Creative O Preschoolers’ Bay!!! Outstanding Centre for T&L!! So proud of you!

bk Tan

FOR Odyssey Team @ SR

Congrats Odyssey Team @ SR for winning the Innovation Award! Great job and thank you for creating a Mud Cafe to enhance children’s learning outdoors!

Rebecca Han

FOR My First Skool

Congratulations to all 2021 award winners! All of you have the creativity and determination to do whatever you can dream. I hope you feel proud today and confident in your ability to rise to your next challenge.

Special shout-out to Team My First Skool for always doing what you can do well; and doing well whatever you do. Sending heartiest congratulations to our inspiring Principals Pearlyn, Sabirah and Wendy, and our awesome teachers Sharifah and Ming Ai. With lots of appreciation, happiness & love, from all of us Team MFS! #TeamOrange

Ai Ling

FOR PCF Sparkletot Preschool @ Tampines Blk 261 (KN)

Congratulations PCF Sparkletot Preschool @ Tampines Blk 261 (KN)! Always supporting and believing in you!

Farhah Amni

FOR Susila

Congratulations, Susila!

Janet Leong

FOR Ms Nal

恭喜Ms Nal

zheng shu ying

FOR Ebelle

Congratulations to Ebelle! You are a great mentor. Continue to shine.


Well wishes to Early Childhood advocates.

Hanah Abidin

FOR Ms Noriyaton

Dear Ms Noriyaton
You are a visionary, committed and passionate leader. This award is the validation of your success story and the person that you are. The sky is the limit and you are the star that shines bright like a diamond!

Fatimah Wee



Joo Yee

FOR MFS’ ECDA Awardees

CONGRATS to all our MFS’ ECDA Awardees, Pearlyn, Sabirah, Wendy & SNC Team! Thank you for your leadership and all the good works! Keep it up!

Hee Onn Nah

FOR Ms Theresa

Dear Ms Theresa,

Congratulations on your award. We are so proud of you. Thanks for being a wonderful leader and principal to the families, children and teachers at Little Seeds Preschool (Ascension).

With lots of love, Sophie Bay and family

Janice Bay

FOR Ms Cheryl

Congratulations to Ms Cheryl and her team at MY World Preschool Ltd (Ang Mo Kio) !


FOR Pearlyn Tan

A huge shout out to Pearlyn Tan for the outstanding leader award and Sharifah Mastura for the Promising Educarer Award! Congratulations to all award winners!


FOR PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines East Blk 261 (KN)

Congrats PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines East Blk 261 (KN) for a job well done!
To our lil’ ones, you’re amazing! You have shown us what is being resilient, brave and innovative and so much more!✨

Adeline Koh

Congratulations to all award recipients! You have given your best and will be good role models for other educators to emulate!

Norijah Binte Ahmad

🎉🎉🎉Congratulations to all the awardees

Well done and keep up the good work.


Team 261…keep it going💪🏼😄

Neo Hwei Mien

So thankful for your work and congratulations on the award. What you do is really important for your students and their families! Praying for God’s blessings on you as you take care and love His children.

Joyce Chia

FOR Ivy Chew

Congrats to Ivy from THK!! 🥳

Ying Yi

FOR Ivy Chew

Congratulations Ivy Chew and i am so proud of your achievement and contribution in early childhood education! Keep it up! 😊

Yvonne Chye

FOR Teacher Shanthi

Teacher Shanthi 是一名热爱幼儿,尊重幼儿的专业的幼儿教师。在她的领导下,让我认识与学习了在n2课室里设置有助于幼儿学习的环境。例:
1. 各个学习区为幼儿提供自主以及他人互动的机会。
2. 让幼儿使用实物,探索,反思并同通过趣味性的活动来探索知识
除此以外,Teacher Shanthi 让我敬佩她的坚毅学习精神,她在幼教职业发展系统上的各个阶段接受幼教专业培训,成绩优等。她的好学,时时自我学习更新,不断提升自己,是我们SBEC教师团队的模范老师。


FOR Sharifah Mastura Syed Daud

Hey Sha
You have done remarkably well as a teacher and I am so proud of your achievement! Thank you for always evolving and guiding our teachers, going the extra mile for the children too. Congratulations on your incredible success!

Cheryl Chua

FOR Sabirah Mohamed Idris

Heartiest congratulations on your outstanding achievement! Thank you for always giving your best to all of us at the centre. Thank you for always keeping me inspired and grounded. Best wishes for more successes in the future!

Cheryl Chua

FOR krish shanthi vijaya vijaya

Heartiest congratulations on your outstanding achievement! Thank you for always giving your best to all of us at the centre. Thank you for always keeping me inspired and grounded. Best wishes for more successes in the future!


FOR Aqilah

Congratulations Aqilah!You always teach children with your passion.Even my class children, they always talk about Ms Aqilah.You deserve it.

Timothy Chan

FOR Nur’ Aqilah Binte Abdul Malek


Shen Peifeng

FOR Krishanthi Vijaya

I have watched you grow professionally and sharpen your skills. Your passion for teaching serves as a wonderful example for your colleagues. I cannot be more proud of you and am eager to witness all the career heights that are yet to come!

Christina Pardiwalla

FOR Krishanthi Vijaya Vijaya

On behalf of the management of Skool4Kidz, warmest congratulations on winning the ECDA Promising Early Childhood Teacher Award 2021. We are so proud of the work you do every day, bringing the joy of discovery and learning to children in our schools.

Timothy Chan

FOR Janis Goh

It have been a meaningful partnership since 2016. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your trust in me in the last 5 years. I am proud of your growth and development as EC leader. Hereby wishing you all the best in the coming years.

Timothy Chan

FOR Theresa Enriquezf

Theresa, here’s my virtual standing ovation for you! You are a huge blessing to Ascension Kindercare. A well-deserved 2021 ECDA awardee. – Mary George

Mary George

FOR Ivy Chew

Congrats on the award, dear! I have always been, and continue to be, amazed at your dedication towards the students, parents and the industry. Your profession is blessed to have you and this recognition is further testament to that.

Ivy Chew

FOR Susila

Dear Ms Susi, congratulations on the award and thank you for all the guidance so far!! Appreciate all your assistance to help me ease into this job 🙂


FOR All staff

Congratulations! Very well deserved award. All of you have been so dedicated to make this place a heartwarming and safe place for the little ones to be in. The talks organized by the teachers for parents are so helpful too.


FOR Theresa Maria Enriquez

Good job! Well done! Keep it up!

Nancy Wright

FOR Sharifah Mastura

Dear Mas, Congratulations on your award. Your work is exemplary because you carry it out with utmost passion. Wishing you the best in every step in your career. Love Jihan


FOR Ms Joranna

Thank you for all the insightful advice given. Your words and interesting curriculum plans have guided me in creating a meaningful learning experience for the children.


FOR Izalis

Appreciate the guidance and support rendered. You are an awesome mentor! Congratulations! We did it!


FOR Ms Shian

Congratulations, Ms Shian! Thank you for placing trust in our work. I am extremely proud to be part of our learning community.


FOR Ms Lin Yin Peng

Congratulations! Thank you for leading the team towards excellence. I am extremely proud and honoured to be part of a winning team.


FOR Chew Bishan

Congratulations Ivy on this milestone achievement. It goes to show what great mentor you are to our future generations.


FOR Nur Aqilah

Congratulations on your new achievement! I’m proud to see how far you have come as an educator! You are an inspiration to both your children and colleagues. We love you!!

Vanessa Chan

FOR Jiang Qi

Congratulations on the award! Your hard work and positivity has always been exemplary and we at BPP are so proud of your achievement! May you soar to greater heights and continue to inspire us everyday! We love you!! ❤️❤️❤️


FOR Catherine Chua Encarnacion

You always serve students and parents with a smile. Despite the challenges faced, you always braved on and say, “It’s for the students!” You made a difference to their families and because of you, they have bloomed. I am proud of you! You rocked!!!

Sarah Tan

FOR Kum Hui Ting

Thank you for your passion and love for children with diverse needs. You always advocate for the students and parents in many different ways and lending a hand whenever there is a need. You are a Star! Please keep on shining!

Sarah Tan

FOR A Susila

You came a long way to achieve this respectful award. You have gone thru very rough paths, hardships n sacrifices . Truly i believe, God was with you as you travelled in your career. There were ups n downs in your career. Happy for you. God bless!


FOR Ma Nur’ Aqilah

Congratulation Ms Aqilah!!!Thank you for always there to share and guidance 😊

Chong Oei Lin

FOR Nur Aqilah

Heartiest congratulations!
For all the time, effort and sacrifices, YOU truly deserve this!

Rozita Osman

FOR Nur Aqilah

Dear Aqilah,
Congratulations on your outstanding achievement! You have worked hard to achieve this success and we are all so proud of you! You are our shining STAR!


FOR Aqilah

You Did It!!! So, so, so happy and proud of you! Always remember you are more than deserving of this award and the best is yet to be ❤ Congratulations on your OUTSTANDING achievement!

Yan Ting

FOR Joanne Lee

Hi Ms Joanne!

We are so lucky to have you! Continue to inspire new and experienced teachers! You have invested your time, effort and resources to give your best to your children. You definitely deserve this recognition and award!


Khairun Nurhanani

FOR Ms.Susila Stephenson

Congratulations to you and best wishes for many more!!!

Mrs. Grace Manikandan

FOR Zhang moxue

Congratulations! You are the best!

Nur Hidayue

FOR Jiang Qi

江老师,你是我的偶像。我要向您学习。这个荣誉是你应得的, 你是我们的骄傲,爱你哦❤️

Wu Cui Ping

FOR Jiang Qi


Liu YunHsuan

FOR Jiang Laoshi

Heartfelt Congratulations to dearest Jiang Laoshi,
Continue to be an inspiration to us all. We are so proud of you!

Nur Hidayue

FOR Jiang Qi

Heartiest congratulations to you, Jiang Laoshi!! We are proud of you for being such an inspiration to all of us! May your sincerity, patience and love in moulding the young ones inspire more teachers!

Nur Hafiza

FOR Jiang Qi

我们爱你! 你是最棒的!

Chay Sin Tian

FOR Jiang Laoshi

Dear Jiang Laoshi,
Your passion for teaching is truly commendable. You are my inspiration. For all you do and for all you are, my biggest thanks to you.



FOR Noriyaton Yunos

Congratulation Jiang Laoshi! Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in! 🙂

Tey Wee Nee

FOR Ms Noriyaton Yunos

Congratulations, Jiang Laoshi! You are an inspiration! I am grateful that I get to work with you!

Angela Umali


Congrats Jiang laoshi. We are so happy and proud of you. You have always been our role model and the children love you so much.

Ng Siew Hwa

FOR Noriyaton Yunos

Congratulations Mama on winning this award! You deserve this for all the hard work you’ve put in. Wishing you even more success in the future!

Liyana, Danish, Zainudin & Haikal

FOR Ms Noriyaton Yunos

I would like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation to my Centre Principal, Ms Noriyaton Yunos for being a great mentor. Your guidance and advice have been invaluable to me. I can’t thank you enough for all the help rendered towards me.

Nurain Bte Rahamat


Dear Jiang Qi Laoshi
Congratulations! I am very proud of you and how far you have come. All your effort has paid off and has inspired me to be a better teacher!

Sun Biling

FOR Su Lina


Caryl Ang

FOR Ms Noriyaton Bte Yunos

Dear Ms Nori
Congratulations on your achievement! Your passion and dedication to your work are really inspiring!

Charmaine Foo

FOR Noriyaton bte Yunos

Dear Ms Nori,
You’ve been such a great mentor and supervisor, and has shown to be a fair and passionate leader. We’re proud to be part of your team, and you truly deserve this award. Congratulations!

Nur Fadilah

FOR Su Lina


Han yinghua

FOR Ms Su Lina

Congrats! Keep believing in yourself and work hard; more achievements are yet to come! I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity of working closely with you and know that you deserve this award. All the best for more future awards!!


FOR Jiang Qi

Dear Jiang Laoshi
I knew you’d soar up high like this. It is such a proud moment for me, to have been your partner years ago. Congratulations to you! May you soar higher in our field!

Saida <3

Saida Omar, your partner in 2015

FOR Su Lina

Congratulations Lina Laoshi! You deserve that award as you really are a hardworking and a caring educator! Just continue your passion and love for teaching. A big round of applause to you! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Maria Lacsamana

FOR Bernard

Hi Bernard,
Congratulations on the well deserved award for all the work you have put in.
Jia You !!!!!!


FOR Su Lina

Congratulations Lina on your well deserved success, your hard work and perseverance have paid off. So proud of you, Lina! Thank You For Being The Best Teacher!
A good Teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others…

Kamilah Suryani

FOR Su Lina

“Sometimes the simplest things mean the most.” Lina all the best, Keep it up

Sophia Lim

FOR Justine Felicita Ho May Lin

Dear Justine, thank you so much for your patience in guiding me so far! I am happy to have joined the lively and jovial SAW team! Looking forward to making wonderful memories and moments with you and everyone!!!

Janice Loh

FOR Su Lina

You are AWESOME!

Jennifer Yong

FOR Su Lina

Congratulations Teacher Lina. You are hardworking and responsible teacher. You deserved your award. I’m very happy and so proud of you.


FOR Su Lina

Dearest Lina, congratulations on your outstanding achievement. You deserve every bit of it. You have made us so proud. Continue to nurture the little ones and inspire your colleagues! =)

Shield Wang

FOR Wong Jia Min

Dearest Jia Min ,

Congratulation! It has been a wonderful journey with you and it is inspiring to witness your passion for the students and the families. May you continue to bless and make great impact on the students and their families!

Chan Li Yan

FOR Between Two Trees Preschool (Ming Teck Park)

Awesome job by B2T teachers and staff, steadfastly delivering quality educare for the little ones over the years. B2T has created beautiful memories for our children and family, thank you!

Chen Kaixin

FOR Justine Ho

Hey Jus,
Thank you for doing what you do with such amazing conviction and belief. Yes you do make all the difference in every child you touch and in ours as true leader.
Thank you for leading by example and steering our SAW Team in all weathers!

Jessinta Pereira

FOR Sabirah

Thank you for all your support and understanding whenever i need to take Leaves to focus on my family n studies . And thank you for your advices n suggestions in helping me to make better decisions n doing better in my works.

Aw Hui San

FOR Ms Tan Beng Luan and Team

The teachers, Ah Yis and Ms Tan in Creative O have played a big part in my children’s lives. Congratulations to Ms Tan and her team in clinching the Outstanding Centre for Teaching and Learning award again!

Sherlyn Ang

FOR Justine Ho

Dearest Jus,
The kids and families are blessed to be supported by you. We are also thankful to have you as our awesome Lead!
You totally deserve this recognition! Shine on!
You are the ONE in our hearts! ❤️


FOR Chew Bishan

Congrats on the fantastic achievement! We can’t think of anyone more worthy of this award than you!

Love from all of us!


FOR Jiang Qi

Congratulations on your well deserved success. Your hardwork and perseverance have paid off!

Nani Mohthar

FOR Sharifah Mastura

Dear Mas, keep the passion burning and keep up the gd work! We need more dedicated people like you 🙂

Faizal n Family

FOR Justine Ho

Thank you for being the ray of light in our team, and for always bringing hope and joy to the kids you work with! You are the best!

Pauline Yap

FOR Jiang Qi

Congratulations Jiang Qi for achieving the Outstanding ECE Award(Commendation)! So happy & proud of you! Continue to let your passion and dedication radiate around the work you do & influence the people around you. You deserve this prestigious award!

Chai Yun

FOR Lee Lai Yeng Joanne

Thank you Shining Star! Your positive energy & passion in creating fun & memorable memories for all. We are proud of your achievement & thank you for being a part of Crescent family where we share great joy & learning together.

Maggie Lee

FOR Jiang Qi

Jiang Qi, You are an amazing partner in class but also an incredible mentor and true friend. I am grateful for the moments we share. Your faith and perseverance demonstrates dedication that is unsurpassable. Congrats on the recognition deserved! Jam

Jamilah Hamat

FOR Lin Yin Peng

Dear Yin Peng
You are a devoted leader who ‘knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way’ to your team to achieve the 2021 ECDA Award! Well done and congratulations to you and your team!

Joranna Ang

FOR Ebelle Kwek

Dear Ebelle, you have been instrumental in my career as a LSEd. Today we celebrate you – an exemplary mentor who holds the team together and a leader who leads from within. Thank you for inspiring us to be our best!

Janice Tan

FOR Jiang Qi


Guo Hui

FOR Hui Ting

Well done Ting! Continue the good work and I’ll support you always💪


FOR Sri Nurain

Thank you for being a teacher that inspires hope, igniting creativity m and instilling a love for learning to the young ones. Your passion for teaching is truly commendable, and furthermore, your patience towards them.

Amirul Ashraf

FOR Lee Lai Yeng Joanne

Dearest Joanne,
You’ve been such an inspiration for all of us here in RP! Your tips for sparking children’s interest are so valuable and we love learning from you. We enjoy working with you, having fun and the daily GrabFood orders!

Little Skool-House @ RP

FOR Krishanthi vijaya

Hi shanthi your award is the result of your hard work and efforts and a fearless spirit. You earned your title and it always reminds you of your dedication. Give your best always and will support u always. I congratulate you for getting this award.


FOR Kum Hui Ting

Dear Hui Ting,
You are a example of a teacher who goes above and beyond the call of duty to make your student and their family’s life better.
You always made time for anyone in need, even if it meant that you had lesser time for own yourself.

J Pavitra

FOR Sharon, Bernard, and Pearly

congratulations team, you did it! i am proud of all of you. 😊🥰

Pei Min

FOR Jiang Qi



FOR Ms Lin Yin Peng & Waterway Staff



FOR Ivy Chew

Nobleland @ Waterway

Dear Ms Lin & Waterway Team,
True success is not done for individual glory but for the commitment and love for the team. Well done, you are our ROLE-MODEL!! Wooohoooo….

Love and respect, Hannah & Punggol Team


FOR Theresa Enriquez

Congratulations Ms Enriquez, you truly deserve the award. Your award is the result of your hardwork, effort and a fearless spirit. You earned your title and it always reminds you of your dedication. Continue to be an inspiration to others 🙂

Eliza Lerias

FOR Creative O Preschoolers’ Bay


Teacher Red

FOR Ivy Chew

I have always been amazed at your capabilities and strength. You’ve been wonderful as a colleague, supervisor and head of department. You deserve this Ivy! Congratulations!!


FOR Jiang Qi

Jiang Lao Shi, we are so proud of you for your achievement! Thank you for being such a good role model to me and many others. Continue inspiring all those around you! ❤️

Audrey Chin

FOR Lee Chin Yen

Congratulations Mdm Lee!!


FOR Ms Pearlyn

Congrats! Ms Pearlyn you deserve this all your hard work 🙂 Thank you for your exemplary leadership, you are a wonderful leader.


FOR Tan Pei Ling Pearlyn

Congratulations on your Award Ms Pearlyn. You have molded and inspired me to be the leader that I am today! Thank you for inspiring me to continue learning. Here’s to your future endavours♥️♥️

Kimberly Fernandez

FOR Tan Pei Ling Pearlyn

You not only win the award.. but you have also won our hearts. Thank you for being such a great leader. Congrats on your winning. Best of luck in your future endeavours. We truly appreciate your dedication all these years.

Hilda, Charmaine, Xu, Zhou & Fadilah

FOR Tan Pei Ling Pearlyn

Congratulations on winning the Outstanding Leader award, Ms Pearlyn! We are impressed and proud of your achievement! You deserve it! ❤️

Pinky , Kao2, Li, Melissa

FOR Tan Pei Ling Pearlyn

Congratulations Ms Pearlyn . It is our privilege to have a brilliant mentor boss. Onwards and upwards to greater things. You made a big difference in us. All the best for the next challenge. We ❤ you!!!

KaiYan & Aidha

FOR Tan Pei Ling Pearlyn

Ms Pearlyn 工作认真负责,竭尽所能给到我们工作和生活上的帮助和指引,让我们能和孩子们一起快乐的成长和进步!在这美好日子里,让我们用最真挚的祝福伴您渡过。祝您:身体健康,万事如意!♥️♥️

Wang & Feng

FOR Tan Pei Ling Pearlyn

恭喜Ms Pearlyn获奖。 能够拥有一位才华横溢的导师和老板是我们的荣幸。 继续勇往直前的迈向更高峰。
成功在于勤奋,每一份付出都将结出硕果,这是您实力的作证!想让您知道您是团队中不可或缺的一部分。 您对我们产生了很大的影响。 一切顺利,迎接下一个挑战。我们❤你!!!

Joeann & Lyu

FOR Tan Pei Ling Pearlyn

Congratulations Ms Pearlyn . It is our privilege to have a brilliant mentor boss. Onwards and upwards to greater things. You made a big difference in us. All the best for the next challenge. We ❤ you!!!

Haliza, Racheal, Gaya & Nora

FOR Miss Susila

Dear Miss Susila, congratulations on winning the ECDA Award for the Most Outstanding Early Intervention Professional.

Moh Khiaw

FOR Lee Chin Yen

A big shout out and heartfelt congratulations to my wife and mother of our 3 lovely sons for winning the Outstanding Leadership Award. It is a blessing and recognition for your passion, dedications and commitment to your childhood dream in education!

Eu Boon Hoe

FOR Tan Pei Ling Pearlyn

Ms Pearlyn你好,

KaiYan & Aidha

FOR Tan Pei Ling Pearlyn

Dearest Ms Pearlyn,

Warmest Congratulations on your achievement.

We appreciate your dedication in managing the centre and guiding each one of us to be better educators.It is a pleasure to see someone who is deserving achieve great things as you do.

Nisa, Andrea & MingAi

FOR Tan Pei Ling Pearlyn

亲爱的 Ms Pearlyn ,
恭喜您获得杰出领导的荣誉称号,这个奖只能给最棒的您❤️ 你是一位超级好的校长,谢谢您总是给我们温暖与教学上的建议。学校的运转、老师们的凝聚力、孩子们的成长,无不散发出勃勃正气之势,这份荣誉实至名归!祝您总是顺顺利利,获得更美好的成果💪🏻💪🏻

Kao, Lu & Zhang

FOR Tan Pei Ling Pearlyn

Dear Ms Pearlyn,
Congratulations on your award, because you are one AMAZING LEADER!
You have proved your worth and are truly out of the crowd! Your dedication, enthusiasm and insight is really inspiring. We wish you many years of great achievements.

Syakirah, Nina, May & Fasha

FOR Chew Bishan Ivy

Ivy’s superpower is her passion and desire to bring quality service to children and the key individuals in their lives like parents and teachers. Anyone who watches her gets inspired by her! Well done, Ivy! We are so proud of you!

Audrey De Cruz

FOR A.Susila

Your dedication, understanding and experience towards special need children’s are immeasurable. Your are one of the most dedicated staff for the PCS organisation. Thank you forbeing a such great collegue. All the best for your future and Good Health.

Badugu Nadamuni Udaya Prakash

FOR Lee Chin Yen

Chin Yen has dedicated her career to early childhood education, and evolving to be a leader. From nurturing the young to empowering the teachers, her dedication and passion has never wavered. So proud of her

Woo Oi Leng

FOR Wendy Ong

Dearest Wendy and My First Skool Team at Blk 140 Serangoon North,
Yay! Our heartiest congratulations to all! Appreciate all the great efforts and thoughtful work. Continue to soar higher and higher! Just me, Maznah Md Amin, Cluster Quality Manager

Maznah Md Amin

FOR The awesome team at My First Skool Blk 140 Serangoon North

Congratulations to Wendy and her team of awesome teachers! The children have benefitted so much from your dedication and commitment to deliver the best quality experiences! This is definitely an innovative idea to make transition fun and meaningful!

Jasmine Ham


Thank you for all the hardwork and continuous effort in nurturing our children’s development!

Cheryl Yang

FOR Ivy Chew

Congrats, Ivy!
Leading our DS-LS & DS+ teams has been made more challenging by COVID-19. Thank you for being an inspiration for the team as you lead with dedication & ever-positive spirit! Your passion in EI work will continue to touch many hearts.

Low Hwee San

FOR Theresa Maria Enriquez

Thank you Theresa for being a leader who exemplifies a beautiful connection of “Head, Heart and Hand.” You have enriched many lives! Your professionalism is inspirational that our EC sector will be proud of! Congratulations!!
With love, Sylvia

Sylvia Phui

FOR Susila

Dear Susila,

CONGRATS! We are sooo happy for you!

Eileen Boey
FOR Ivy Chew

Congratz Ivy!!!!!!!!!! You deserve it!!! happy for you 🙂

Siew Ling

FOR Chew Bishan Ivy

Hi Ivy, congratulations on your very well-deserved award! Thank you for being a positive and inspiring example to all of us, especially our teachers, regardless of whether they are just starting out or have years of experience. Go you!!!

Sarah Khoo

FOR Theresa Maria Enriquez

Thank you Theresa for being a leader who exemplifies a beautiful connection of “Head, Heart and Hand.” You have enriched many lives!
Your professionalism is one that our EC sector will be proud of!
Congratulations! You so deserved this award!

Sylvia Phui

FOR Chew Bishan Ivy

Keep up the good work!

Hulwana Binti Mohd Labib

FOR Ivy Chew

Congrats Ivy!! Great contributions and we are so proud of you!!

Lim Chuen Leang

FOR Susila

Dear Susila,
I pay homage to you for playing an integral part in educating and shaping the lives of these children. Your hard work, love and passion for them have helped them to become the best they can be. You are so inspiring to us!

Jeannie Chow
FOR A. Susila

Hi Susila
It is a great pleasure working with you all these years. You have been supporting me as a principal, being there for me, thank you for being a wonderful friend and colleague. May the Lord’s blessing be with you always.

Liew SIew Guek

FOR Susila

Well done Susila! You have been an inspiration to all of us! Keep up the good work!

Margie Lee

FOR Lee Chin Yen

My kids grow up knowing auntie Chin Yen as the legendary principal and great cook. She is disciplined with children and always teaches the right way of life . She is strict but fun to be with. Not forgetting her awesome dishes every cny. role model


FOR Lim Chin Yen

Congratulations on your well-deserved success! You are a GEM of Agape!

Tan Guat Yan

FOR Lim Chin Yen

Great leader, great dedication!

Jixun Foo

FOR Lee Chin Yen

Hi Mummy, congratulations on winning this award! So proud of you and the work you have done, and will always support you. I love you! every cny. role model

Eu Chun Kang

FOR Lim Chin Yen

Thank you for your kindness, patience and dedication to early childhood development. May you continue to touch and bless the hearts of our young generation.

Thio Poh Gek

FOR Lim Chin Yen

I have seen your dedication and sincerity in putting the development of the children at the front of everything you do. You have touched the hearts of the children and made a difference in their lives

Lim Thiam Hock

FOR Lee Chin Yen

My dearest 姑姑, biggest inspiration in my life to pursue teaching!! Thank you for investing your life into the next generation of children and even educators, you are a HUGE BLESSING!! Congratulations and love youuuu 🙂

Charlotte Lee

FOR Lim Chin Yen

Feeling so much joy for you today as we celebrate your dedication & achievement! Congratulations!! We ♥️ you !!


FOR Lim Chin Yen

Super proud of Chin Yen👍🏻👍🏻 Certainly well deserved of this award, I’ve known her for over 20 years and her passion and enthusiasm for the children are always there👏🏻👏🏻

Soo Peo

FOR Lee Chin Yen

Hi Gugu, Congratulations! You have inspired Roy, Charlotte and Me to be Teachers since young! This is an award well deserved!

Lionel Lee

FOR Lim Chin Yen

Congratulations Mdm Lee! Your efforts are recognised! Glad that you’ve achieved this ECDA award. Continue to strive for the best! 😊

Candy Phang

FOR Lim Chin Yen

A kind and jovial soul who always sees the brighter side of things! Congratulations once again Mdm Lee on your success! ❤

Soo Peo

FOR Lee Chin Yen

Mdm Lee 是一个很温暖的人。当我犯错的的时候,她不会一味的指责,而是帮我解决问题,也会温暖的对我说:“没关系,我们要往前看,继续加油!”当我迷茫的时候,总会在我身旁鼓励我:“老师你可以的!”当我在工作中有些许的抱怨的时候,我就看看每天从很早就在办公室里忙碌的Mdm Lee。她一直给身边的人,带来巨大的正能量!作为她的员工我很庆幸,谢谢您一直这么的温暖!你就是我们心中的领袖!

Li Jing

FOR Lim Chin Yen

Dear Mdm Lee,

Thank You for giving me the opportunity to grow when you were my Principal. As a leader now, I’m thankful to have your guidance, and your ever readiness in mentoring new leaders like me.

You’ve come a long way, Way to go Mdm Lee!

Germaine Teh

FOR Lim Chin Yen

Lee Chin Yen是一个特别平易近人,特别有亲和力的人。工作认真负责,有耐心,有领导能力,有智慧,是一位不可多得的好领导。

Zhang Xue

FOR Lee Chin Yen

Congrats Mdm Lee, This award has added a new feather to your crown and all of us at AGAPE. We are proud of you. Keep Going for more.


FOR Lim Chin Yen

Dearest Chin Yen. So proud of your achievement as 2021 ECDA Leader Award recipient, a great milestone in your professional journey. May your beacon shines forth to encourage those who serve with their heart to influence the future of Singapore.

Lim Mee Ting Joyce

FOR Lim Chin Yen

You are an inspiration! Thank you for being a role model and for showing us what it means to persevere and be resilient. You truly reflect the agape spirit! May you continue to inspire and ignite those around you!


FOR Mdm Lee

我非常荣幸能与领导李女士共事。正因为有您的带头作用,我们才能在工作上尽心尽职!有了您当榜样,我满是信心。Adream小分队在这里祝贺Mdm Lee拿到奖项!


FOR Lim Chin Yen

Congratulations Mdm Lee! You have been a great mentor through my journey here at Agape Little Uni. Thank you for always lending me a listening ear, and always providing me with guidance and support to overcome challenges I faced. Appreciate you!


FOR Lim Chin Yen

Madam Lee is always full of laughter and positive aura around her. So happy for you! Congratulations!

Louise Filardo

FOR Lim Chin Yen

Mdm Lee是一位乐于助人,善于团结,吃苦耐劳,平易近人的好园长。您总是能够关心每位老师,尊重每位教师的想法,并有良好的交际技能。您不仅仅是一位优秀的校长,更是一位值得信赖的朋友。感恩与您在爱加倍幼儿园相识相知,从您身上总是能学到很多,您充满着正能量。祝愿您今后能够工作顺利,身体健康!

Wang Yu Juan

FOR Lim Chin Yen

Dear Mdm Lee, not only have you taught me so much about the industry, but many life lessons in which I have applied in my own leadership path as a budding leader. Thank you for being the light that you are to all children and families! Keep shining!

Jasmine Chua

FOR Lim Chin Yen

亲爱的Madam Lee,还记得2012年8月份吗?那是我第一次见您,当时的我觉得这份工作让我很受挫,因为我什么都不会:不会讲故事,不会带班,不会跟家长沟通!当时我参加了您组织的华文培训,您手把手教我如何写教案和反思,然后您竟然把我的功课当成模板来给老师们示范,还让我去指导其他的老师们如何去写,就在那一刻,我觉得好像我也没有那么差劲,我找到了我的闪光点!后来在USC跟您共事过1个月,作为校长您以身作则的告诉我:如果想让老师做什么,那么Leader一定要先会。感恩您!一直看见我,指导我!

Junnan Zhang

FOR Lim Chin Yen

Dear Mdm Lee, thank you for being the most supportive, encouraging and loving Mentor one could ever ask for! You always remind leaders to be people-centred and to love people and children genuinely. Thank you for loving us and we love you too!

Chai Jia Xuan Winnie

FOR Lim Chin Yen

在工作中,Mdm Lee是一位优秀的领导者。在平时,她就是一位平易近人的好朋友。

Li Jinxia

FOR Lim Chin Yen

Congratulations Madam Lee! Your hard work and perseverance have paid off!

Jt Tan

FOR Lim Chin Yen

Mdm Lee:


FOR Lim Chin Yen

Chinyen I just wanted to say thank you for being an amazing leader. I have truly enjoyed working with you over the past 20 over years and hope for many more still to come. Love to have a good sparing partner like you. Congratulations Chinyen!

Connie Lim

FOR Lim Chin Yen

Dear Mdm Lee,

You are awesome! Do continue your good work in inspiring others!

Mariayati Binte Jayos

Keep up the good work!

FOR Lim Chin Yen

Dear Mdm Lee,
You are awesome! Continue your good work in inspiring others!

Mariayati Binte Jayos

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